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Decorative Concrete Products We Offer

Epoxy Pebblestone System

Epoxy pebblestone systems are a custom mix of epoxy coatings and a thickening agent which when combined yields a highly viscous product and is commonly used on pool decks and steps to create a non-slick surface. This product when mixed with rock will allow the mixture to adhere to vertical and horizontal surfaces without the assistance of any other external support. This is especially useful when installing River Rock on steps.

Concrete Countertops

Concrete Countertops are quickly becoming the "in thing", although artisans have been installing concrete countertops for many years, lately they have become a very popular and trendy medium. What makes concrete countertops so attractive? Concrete is a warm surface that resembles natural stone, it gives kitchens and other rooms a rustic natural finish that blends-in with practically any style. Along with endless combinations of color and designs concrete countertops are the perfect fit for either traditional or modern decor.

Stamped Concrete.

Stamped Concrete is the process of adding texture and color to new concrete or a thin concrete overlay to make it resemble natural stone, brick, slate, and other natural products found in nature including wood, fossils, shells and many more. This limitless array of possibilities combined with great durability and lower cost than natural products makes Stamped Concrete an easy choice for new construction and renovation projects.

Stained Concrete and Acid Engraving

Stained concrete is a way to add color and style to existing boring white or gray concrete. We offer a wide spectrum of colors to choose from for your stained concrete application. A standard stained concrete floor application will use one color but you have the flexibility to add additional colors for custom borders.
Acid engraving takes stained concrete to the next level by taking a design or pattern and engraving it into the concrete.

Decorative Concrete Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can you do with decorative concrete?

A: Your creativity is the limit. We can do all standard and complex floor resurfacing as well as vertical walls, fireplaces, bathroom showers, countertops, and the list goes on.

Q: Can epoxy coatings be used on any countertop surface?

A: Yes, we use a system called EZ Coat which is an all purpose, high viscosity epoxy coating for wood and concrete countertops, tabletops, bar tops and similar applications. Reflect your own personal tastes by embedding mementos such as coins, photos or other memorabilia. Some have incorporated menus, baseball cards, photos, seashells, rope, coins, medallions, straw, fabrics and a variety of items in the resin to create unique surfaces and conversation pieces.

Q: Why use stained concrete as opposed to tile?

A: With tile, for instance, the installer is restricted to working with fixed sizes, such as 12x12 inch or 24x24 inch tiles. There is no such restiction with concrete. With stamped concrete, a "faux tile" can grow or shrink to fit the room (assuming a stone or tile look is desired by the client).

Q: How far will Classic Concrete Solutions travel to resurface our concrete?

A: Classic Concrete Solutions is based out of Fredericktown, MO but we will travel to the entire St.Louis, MO area as well as all of southeast Missouri including but not limited to Jackson, MO, Cape Girardeau, MO and as far as Poplar Bluff, MO.

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