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Classic Concrete Solutions, LLC

Classic Concrete Solutions, LLC is family owned business based out of the Greater St. Louis area and is owned and operated by Ray Starkey. Classic Concrete Solutions, LLC has now been in business for over 6 years.

Below are our most popular products. Be sure to look at our Decorative Concrete Products page for more information on all of the decorative concrete applications that we provide.

Restorative and Decorative Concrete Types

Epoxy Pebblestone System

Epoxy pebblestone system concrete overlay
Epoxy pebblestone systems are a custom mix of epoxy coatings and a thickening agent which when combined yields a highly viscous product. This product when mixed with rock will allow the mixture to adhere to vertical and horizontal surfaces without the assistance of any other external support. This is especially useful when installing River Rock on steps.

Epoxy pebblestone system concrete overlay pool deck
Pool decks are a great candidate for the epoxy pebblestone system because the pebblestone creates a great non-slick surface.

Concrete Countertops

decorative concrete countertops with stained concrete sealer
Concrete Countertops are quickly becoming the "in thing", although artisans have been installing concrete countertops for many years, lately they have become a very popular and trendy medium. What makes concrete countertops so attractive? Concrete is a warm surface that resembles natural stone, it gives kitchens and other rooms a rustic natural finish that blends-in with practically any style. Along with endless combinations of color and designs concrete countertops are the perfect fit for either traditional or modern decor.

Stained, Stamped and Engraved Concrete Overlays

stamped concrete overlay with stained concrete and sealer
With tile, for instance, the installer is restricted to working with fixed sizes, such as 12x12 inch or 24x24 inch tiles. There is no such restiction with concrete. With stamped concrete, a "faux tile" can grow or shrink to fit the room (assuming a stone or tile look is desired by the client).
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